Grocery Girls Experience

Are You?

  • Tired of being upcharged for your groceries without knowing how much?
  • Only receiving part of what you ordered?
  • Not getting the freshest produce?
  • Missing items from your order and you don’t know who’s to blame – the store or the delivery driver?
  • Wishing your shopper could make another stop at another store?

Grocery Girls has it covered!

The difference is we will shop at 2 stores for you, so you get what is on your list and for a better price than you are currently paying!

Our Customers:

Grocery Girls is a grocery shopping and delivery service for those people that do not want to shop themselves – for whatever reason. Maybe it’s health reasons, maybe you’re too busy, have too many kids or you just hate grocery shopping. For that reason, we’re here to help. At Grocery Girls, we love grocery shopping!

Our Service Areas:

We shop and deliver for people in and around Overland Park. Anywhere south of 47th Street to 175th Street, including Midtown, Westport, The Plaza, Brookside, Mission Hills, Mission, Shawnee, Lenexa, Roeland Park, Prairie Village and south Kansas City. Because we’ve been known to venture into other lands, please reach out and ask if we can shop for you!

We Strive to Be Different:

We’ve heard the complaints with the other grocery shopping and delivery services. Plus, all Grocery Girls have recently worked in the grocery stores and have been shoppers for the other delivery services. We know first hand the problems, understand your frustrations, and know how much you’re being upcharged on every item that you add to your cart. Cha-ching! Not to mention, you don’t always get what you ordered, the produce isn’t necessarily fresh and there is not a lot of attention to detail. We know there is a difference between fine ground black pepper and medium ground. Above all else, we exist to solve those problems.

Our Goal for You:

We want you to have a great grocery experience and receive what you want and order – all for an upfront, agreed upon price. With the other services, you pay an online price versus the actual store price. You have no idea how much you are paying because you don’t receive the store receipt. Then you oftentimes pay service fees, delivery fees, and a tip.

Plus at Grocery Girls, we know many of you like to shop at a couple of stores. Maybe HyVee for your regular order and Sprouts for your produce. Or a lot of you love Aldi for your everyday stuff and Costco for your household goods. We shop for a lot of customers who like Natural Grocers and Whole Foods. It doesn’t matter, it’s your list, and we’ll go to 2 different stores.

Our goal is to fill your grocery order. And we love grocery shopping!

Our Competition:

Getting back to pricing…after doing a little searching online, we found this information on Instacart’s website:

“Retail partners set the prices of items on the Instacart marketplace. While many retailers offer everyday store prices* on Instacart, other retailers may set prices on the Instacart platform that are different than in-store prices. In some cases, a flat percentage is added by the retailer to items to cover the cost of the Instacart service.

*Some in-store sales may not apply.”

Seems like, the receipt you receive from Instacart is with the inflated prices (15%-23% on average). Typically, when shopping online and you place the product in your cart, the price “may be different than buying the same item in the store.”

In other words, you don’t really know what you’re paying for your groceries with Instacart. Then there is the cost of your annual membership, the service fee, perhaps a delivery fee and a tip.

That’s where the $.33 fresh ear of corn in store rang up $.80 on the Instacart App. Yikes! The Grocery Girls price would be $.40. Which would you rather pay? While they claim 15%-23% inflated prices on average, that corn was 50% higher than Grocery Girls’ price. No wonder people are confused and tired of paying exorbitant prices. That’s ridiculous!

Our Pricing:

Grocery Girls pricing is very easy. In other words, we charge you a flat fee of your total receipts and you tip your Grocery Girl. You receive your receipts so you know the price of your groceries. It’s as simple as that. We’ve discovered people don’t mind paying for great customer service. But they want to know the cost. We can appreciate that!

You Get What You Order:

Other complaints with grocery delivery services:

  • you didn’t get exactly what you ordered
  • the item was o-o-s (out of stock) instead of the shopper not taking time to find it
  • there were too many substitutions
  • produce was moldy
  • item was expired or expiring the day it was delivered
  • you were charged for items that you did not receive

For those reasons, that’s exactly why Grocery Girls exists and continues to grow.

Our Promise to You:

  • we will be professional and expert shoppers
  • to always ask you to clarify when we aren’t sure
  • find out if the store is really o-o-s (out of stock)
  • we will really try to locate everything that you order even if we have to go to a different store to find it
  • to be picky shoppers and carefully examine all produce for mold and freshness
  • we vow to check all expiration dates and dig to the back to find the latest date
  • never, ever charge you for items you didn’t receive

Where We Shop and How We Charge:

For a list of stores where we shop and our fees, click here.