No Contact Grocery Delivery

If you have any concerns about receiving a no contact grocery delivery, Grocery Girls has you covered.

You can text us where you would like to receive your drop off order. You can pay us through Venmo or leave us instructions where you will leave our check.

We will then text you when we arrive and make sure we are at the right house. There is nothing worse than seeing posts on Nextdoor that someone received groceries that they didn’t order.

Before we leave, we will send you a photo of the groceries.

Thanks for using Grocery Girls!

Now Accepting Orders for Trader Joe’s

By popular demand, we have now added Trader Joe’s onto our list of stores Grocery Girls shops at. We have decided to keep them on as a regular store starting in June 2020.

Trader Joe’s has lots of fun things for fall!

Grocery Girls goal is to fill your order. At Trader Joe’s, if they don’t have something on the shelf, we may not be able to locate it at another store for you.

Please help us spread the word that we are now shopping at Trader Joe’s!

To place your order email your list to or call us at (913) 515-3250.

The Word on the Street

This week I had a client ask if I had heard the latest about grocery delivery services. She said she heard that the grocery delivery service drivers were going through people’s orders before delivering them and taking out what they wanted.

Then they delivered the order. The customer was missing some items, called the store to complain and honestly who is to blame? Did in fact, the driver take the food or did the store get the order wrong in the first place?

Another rumor on the streets is Instacart shoppers are getting ripped off by customers who offer a tip when they place their order and then rescind it after the order is delivered.

I’m on the Instacart feed so I can keep track of what’s going on in that world and I’m appalled at what shoppers have to do to make $10. Instacart will oftentimes bundle two different orders for one store so the shopper can make more money.

For example, right now there is an offer for 2 full service orders at one particular store. There are 26 items to shop for, with delivery to 2 different houses and the pay including tip is $23.02. My question is, how long will it take that shopper to drive to the store, shop 2 orders, and communicate with the customer on every item that is not available late on a Saturday afternoon when the store is probably picked over? Then stand in line to check out, load the car, drive to two different locations and use their gas. For $23.02?

We shop AND deliver and guarantee your satisfaction!

At Grocery Girls, we are professional grocery shoppers. As one client said, “you don’t get an Uber driver.” (thanks Joe)! You get your same personal shopper every week that wants more than anything to make sure your order is complete and to your satisfaction. If we get anything wrong, we will gladly pick up the wrong item and replace it at no cost to you. You don’t get that with any of the other grocery services.

We want you to get the groceries you want and we love seeing our clients excited to get just what they ordered. Especially during the current stay at home order, people want to eat and they want what they ordered – more now than ever. If they are in the mood to bake brownies, they want brownies – and they want them now.

People love their groceries and we love grocery shopping!

You can reach us direct at (913) 515-3250 or send your list to We will let you know we’ve received your order.