Grocery Girls Reviews

Another Nextdoor Compliment:

“I am once again in awe of Melinda at Melinda has been faithfully delivering an entire week’s worth of groceries to us during the pandemic. Yesterday, after the grocery drop-off, I realized, to my dismay, that the list I had given to Melinda did not include a much-needed item. I also realized that we could not easily do without that item for the entire upcoming week.

Of course, at the time this dawned on me, I knew that Melinda was busily delivering groceries to many other of her numerous customers. But since I was so desperate, I sent her a text about my predicament, asking if she could possibly rescue me.

To my great relief, Melinda answered a short time later, saying that yes, she would stop by and present us with the missing item. She was so good-natured about it that I was amazed by her high spirits as well as by her very efficient rescue and delivery. She is a Super-Girl because she has that rare combination of efficiency and sweetness going for her. I would recommend GroceryGirlsKC very enthusiastically to any of my neighbors in the Mission, Prairie Village or Overland Park area.”

~Kathy Kelman

New Referral from Nextdoor:

“Just received my 2nd grocery delivery from Grocery Girls KC! I’ve officially switched from Instacart. Thanks Melinda Calkins Bartling for great customer service, a complete order, and a lower price. They saved me $36 over my Costco Instacart order even after adding in their fee. Kansas City, check out Grocery Girls the next time you need groceries delivered.”

~Lisa Jones

3 Reviews on Nextdoor:

1st experience – “I used Grocery Girls today. Great experience.
They know how to pick out fruits and vegetables!”

2nd experience – “Instacart and Hyvee Aisles gave me a pickup date for 4/14 when I tried to order today. I sent my list this morning and requested delivery in the next few days, if possible. I just got a text from one of the grocery girls advising me of sale prices on several items that required quantity changes. The shopper stays in constant communication. This service is phenomenal. They are filling my order today, the same day I ordered. High risk people should not be shopping even with a mask and gloves.”

3rd experience – “Grocery Girls is my new best friend! They not only have same or next day delivery, they shop 4-5 stores. I got eggs for less than a dollar and cream of mushroom soup which Hyvee never has and Instacart never filled.”


From Kathy on Nextdoor:

“Grocery Girls did a fantastic job for us yesterday! We sent our shopping list on Thursday and she brought everything we ordered to us on Friday morning. She shopped at 3 stores in order to find everything we wanted. We feel lucky to have found her!”

From Joe on Nextdoor:

“I had been using Instacart for grocery delivery , and found it to be very frustrating. Deliveries were about 5 days out, communication was poor, and some of the substitutions made no sense. I tried grocery girls, and found this service to be fantastic! I got same day service and Melinda went to a couple of different stores to fill my order. Melinda definitely went above and beyond for us, she is amazing, she stayed in contact with us when items were not available, so we could make suitable substitutions. You might pay a little more for this service but you are getting a professional shopper, not an Uber driver. Using Instacart and other services, we would often get less than half of our order or substitutions would be made that we did not approve and could not use. Melinda went to multiple stores for us and made sure to get every item on our list. The experience was well worth the charge. I would highly recommend this service.”

From Susan on Nextdoor:

“This was the best service. I emailed in my order in the morning and had my groceries by evening. Yes, you’re going to pay for this excellent service, but it’s worth it! Melinda texted me to make certain she had the right info. Like whole or sliced beets? I think my list lacked details. I’m so happy with this service. Especially now when someone my age shouldn’t be out. I’m sold!!”

From Dan Bowers:

“We tried Grocery Girls KC today for the 1st time. We’re both in our 70’s with a few health issues and trying to stay in (wife had afib and had a heart ablation AND me with several heart attacks, diabetes, pacemaker AND agent orange / gunshots in Vietnam and COPD leave me with 51% lung capacity). Melinda was fantastic ….. she hit 5 places to get our order and managed to find ALL but 1 little item. / Ordered late Sunday nite, Melinda got it to us today. …. She called or texted several times when an item was not available OR to clarify something ….. .Fantastic Service – Try Her”

2nd Review from Dan Bowers:

2nd Time ……. “Sent Melinda our grocery list this morning maybe around 6:57am. By 7:20am she was emailing or texting asking questions to clarify a few items on our list. By about 12:45 she was at our driveway. She hit both HyVee and Price Chopper to get the 22 things on our list. Later this afternoon I talked to 2 friends that had used delivery online or service like Walmart or HyVee and they both told me how agonizing it was with missed orders, etc …. Try Melinda, you won’t be sorry.”

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