Shopping Day

We ask that you be available by text or phone while your Grocery Girl is shopping. We go above and beyond to make sure you get exactly what is on your list.

Oftentimes, we may need clarification on an item or to let you know the store doesn’t have an item you ordered. Or perhaps they have 3 kinds of Albacore Tuna. We don’t want to choose for you.

We often will send you a photo of what they have and you can choose from there, ensuring you are getting exactly what you wanted.


Once your order is complete, we will text you a photo of your receipt(s) and give you the total with the 20% added.

We have no contact delivery if you prefer. We are very conscientious and wear masks while shopping and for delivery.

We will drop off at your front door or garage door, whatever is most convenient for you.


We accept:

  • Cash
  • Venmo (debit or credit card). If you need help setting up your Venmo account, Melinda will help you.
  • Checks


Finally, we LOVE grocery shopping! We think you will find our service so outstanding that you will never do your own grocery shopping ever again.

Your experience is very important to us and we take pride in shopping for you. We are VERY PICKY and professional shoppers and would never bring you anything we wouldn’t purchase and eat ourselves…never a dented can, broken egg, moldy strawberries on the bottom of the pack or outdated produce. If we don’t like a produce item, we will let you know and will be happy to stop at another store for you. We’ve been told, we are pickier than our customers.

Our Guarantee:

It rarely happens but if your Grocery Girl ever brings you a wrong item, we will pick it up and replace it with the correct item at no extra cost to you. We pride ourselves on shopping and delivery.

Ready to Place Your Order?

Send your grocery list to We will let you know we received your order.

Thank you for trusting Grocery Girls for your shopping and delivery needs. We look forward to shopping for you soon!

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