The Instacart Walkout

Be prepared for Instacart’s 175,000 grocery delivery people to walk out on Monday, March 30, 2020

If you think grocery delivery is slow to get now, wait until Monday. Rumor has it, Instacart’s gig workers are planning a massive nationwide strike on Monday March 30, 2020.

Amid the Corona Virus Pandemic, Instacart has refused to offer its 175,000 shoppers basic necessities like hand sanitizer, masks or paid leave for those with pre-existing health conditions.

They also want more money. The workers say that come Monday, they will refuse to accept orders until Instacart steps up to the plate and pays them an additional $5 per order, free safety gear and expands its sick leave to include workers who have been advised by their doctors not to work at this time.

Instacart already inflates their prices about 25%. If they have to pay their workers more money, guess who will be paying for that increase? Yep. The consumers.

The public is already fed up with receiving half the order they placed. And trouble is, they don’t know what they aren’t getting until their shopper gets to the store and starts offering you replacement items…or nothing at all.

They say the strike will last until Instacart agrees to these terms.

Instacart also announced that they will hire an additional 300,000 workers in the next three months as the demand for grocery deliveries soar.

I would hope that a company worth $2 billion could help their underpaid people out. Just saying!

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