Grocery Shopping in Hot Weather

At Grocery Girls, we’ve had a flurry of new customers who don’t want to go grocery shopping in hot weather. And Kansas City is VERY hot right now.

Just to clarify, we shop 7 days a week, no matter what the weather is doing. All of the Grocery Girls run their own schedules but we are always available to work in a new customer. After all, we love grocery shopping!

One of my best customers is a monthly shop for me. Typically I’ll shop at Costco, Trader Joe’s, Hen House, and Whole Foods for her. Last week she spent over $600! Granted, half of that was at Costco and she stocks up big time when she places an order.

She came on board with Grocery Girls long after the stay-at-home order was over. When I asked her how she found us she said it was online. Like many others, she tried Instacart, pick-up at the store but she always had issues with her orders. She would spend way too much time making sure she received what she ordered and then getting it corrected when it wasn’t right.

When she called to ask about Grocery Girls, I explained to her how we’re different. Besides receiving your receipts, another big thing is that only one person touches your order. The grocery stores might have several people shop for you, another employee rings it up, and then sackers pack it for pick up. By the time your order goes through all those people, any number of things can go wrong. Grocery Girls have all worked in the grocery stores and you would be surprised what goes on!

Things just don’t go wrong with Grocery Girls even when we’re grocery shopping in hot weather. Our clients will leave cold water and snacks at the door for us.

Whatever you order, you will receive or you will know we can’t find it before we leave the store. That’s when we can make a decision to make another stop on the way to deliver your groceries.

Our Pricing

You’ll find our prices are still less than Instacart and grocery store pickups. Why? The stores have to pay people to shop your order, ring it up and then bag it. They have to make money doing that. The same goes for Instacart.

Keeping Your Groceries Cold

All Grocery Girls are equipped with coolers for grocery shopping in hot weather. And we are professional grocery shoppers who know the difference between a zucchini and cucumber.

Order Here

If you don’t want to go grocery shopping in hot weather or whatever your reason, we hope you will check us out if you haven’t used us before. You can place your order here.